Huro Huro


Huro Huro
Directing, Cinematography, Editing

Huro Huro is a feature-length film that explores three conservation centers located in California, India and Thailand committed to the preservation of the gibbon. As the documentary develops, it becomes clear that the conservation centers employ dramatically disparate practices, ultimately raising the question: will gibbons ever be successfully reintroduced to the wild, or are they trapped in a cycle of life-long captivity under the guise of conservation?         

Through the eyes of impassioned individuals devoted to these conservation centers, the film grapples with how these gibbons are rehabilitated, making it apparent that even with the best intentions, things can go awry. Huro Huro will leave you wondering what is right, what is wrong, and who is actually qualified to conserve the endangered species of the world.

Music Composer: Ben Daniels
Graphic Design: Erika Nishizato
Creative Guidance: Shambhavi Kaul, Josh Gibson, Caitlin Margaret Kelly, Michaela O'Brien, Gary Mairs, Adele Horn, James Benning, Bill Brown, Deborah Gillis